Domaso briefly

Domaso lies on the north west side of the lake. It was a fishing village, now transformed into a dynamic tourist area.
Characterized by narrow and steep roads, Domaso is one of the most famous and cozy villages of Alto Lario. It is the surfers’ paradise, thanks to the lake’s breezes called “Breva”. These breezes are a permanent featur creating the ideal conditions for surfers and for water sports’ lovers. Domaso offers modern sporting equipments, too.

Sorrounded by beautiful mountains perfectly fit for trekking and biking, it’s a peaceful and restful place, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes.
Domaso offers modern sporting equipments: tennis-courts, football pitches, fitness center, windsurf and water-skiing’s schools.

Not far, it is also possible to reach riding-stables (10 KM) and to play golf (20 KM) .
There are many culinary attractions: several restaurants offer traditional food like “Risotto al pesce Persico” (Risotto with perch), “Misultin” (dried fish), and many other typical dishes.

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